Alabama vs.Georgia Tech

  Date: 9/11/1982  
  Score: 45-7  
  Alabama vs. Georgia Tech Alabama would open the 1982 season by "sending the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave" after this 45-7 victory. Peter Kim opened the scoring for the Tide by hitting a 40 yard field goal. Paul Carruth would score next on a 9 yard run. In the second, Bama scored three touchdowns. The first was a 58 yard Jesse Bendross run, followed by a 41 yard Walter Lewis run, and this was followed with a 6 yard Ricky Moore run for the score. In the third, Craig Turner would score on a 1 yard plunge. In the fourth, Bama would close their scoring with a 4 yard Carruth run. The 1982 squad would finish with a record of 8-4 and with a victory in the Liberty Bowl in Coach Bryant's final season at the Capstone.