Alabama vs.Mississippi

  Date: 9/17/1983  
  Score: 40-0  
  Alabama vs. Mississippi This 40-0 shutout of the Rebels marked the first time in 70 games that Ole Miss had been shut out. In the first, Bama scored on a pair of 1 yard runs by Joe Carter and Craig Turner. In the second, Carter would visit the endzone again after catching a 20 yard Walter Lewis pass for a touchdown. Lewis would then visit the endzone on a 5 yard run, and Van Tiffin would hit a 45 yard field goal to end the Tide's first half scoring. In the second half, Bama would get points after a Rebel safety, and after a 62 yard punt return by Greg Richardson for a touchdown. The 1983 squad finished with a record of 8-4 and with a victory in the Sun Bowl in Ray Perkins' first season at the Capstone.