Alabama vs.Marion Institute

  Date: 9/28/1912  
  Score: 52-0  
  Alabama vs. Marion Institute Alabama kicked off the 1912 season on campus against Marion and the Tide was victorious 52-0. Holt McDowell was the star of the game scoring 3 touchdowns while Hargrove VandeGraaff added a pair. Also scoring touchdowns were Adrian VandeGraaff, Charles Joplin, and W.A. Barnes. Alabama was never forced to punt in the entire game. Also on this Alabama team were three brothers from Tuscaloosa, Adrian VandeGraaff (senior) Hargrove VandeGraaff (junior) and future All-American Bully VandeGraaff (freshman). The 1912 squad finished the season 5-3-1 for coach D.V. Graves.