Alabama vs.South Carolina

  Date: 9/29/2000  
  Score: 27-17  
  Alabama vs. South Carolina A pair of Milo Lewis interceptions in the fourth quarter secured the Tide a 27-17 victory over the visiting Gamecocks of South Carolina. Neal Thomas would open the scoring for Alabama with his 44 yard field goal in the first. Brandon Miree would score Bama's first touchdown of the afternoon with his 1 yard touchdown run in the second. Thomas would hit a 50 yard field goal to open the second half, and Ahmaad Galloway would score on a 62 yard touchdown run to close the third. Andrew Zow would secure the Alabama victory with his 8 yard touchdown run in the fourth. The 2000 squad would finish the season with a record of 3-8 in Mike Dubose's final season as head coach of the Tide.