Alabama vs.Howard

  Date: 9/30/1939  
  Score: 21-0  
  Alabama vs. Howard To kick off the 1939 season the Crimson Tide faced Howard, a Team the Crimson Tide never seemed to have trouble with. Though the final score did see Alabama on top 21-0 Howard played the Tide tough. The first half was scoreless mainly due to the alert line play but the determined Howard squad. Paul Spencer led Alabama in the third quarter however to get the team going as he finished off a 45 yard drive with a line plunge for a touchdown. Hershel Mosley led the Tide to its next touchdown passing to Holt Rast in the endzone who made a remarkable catch for the score. Spencer scored the final touchdown in the game after Howard fumbled a punt that allowed Alabama to recover deep in enemy territory. Alabama finished the 1939 season with a record of 5-3-1 for Coach Frank Thomas.