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The tradition of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant lives on--not only in Alabama but also throughout the country.  Each fall Pauls, Williams, Bears and Bryants from dozens of states converge on the University of Alabama campus to attend the Paul W. Bryant Museum reunion party honoring those named for the legendary football coach.  The reunion party begins each year three hours before the kickoff of Alabama’s first home game.            

The Legend! 

Bear Bryant’s career as head coach of the University of Alabama spanned 25 years during which he became one the most acclaimed coaches in college football history.  Bryant won a record 323 career games and six national championships.  He was voted National Coach of the Year three times.

Pauls, Williams, Bears and Bryants! 

Bryant was such a tremendous influence on the people of Alabama during the 25 years he led the Crimson Tide as head coach that many people named their children after him.

It Made Papa Proud! 

The idea to locate and bring together those named for coach Bryant came from his first namesake, his son.  Paul Bryant, Jr. said "Papa knew from the letters he received that children were being named for him.  It made him proud."  The call went out through the media and in the first three months the Museum had been contacted by over 350 namesakes.  The first reunion was on September 14, 1996.

The Party Is Great! 

Music, food, fun and prizes are always part of the plan.  "I was named for Coach Bryant" is the standard introduction.  Numerous media outlets including People Magazine have covered past reunions.  Plans are made and invitations are sent to each person on the Museum’s Namesake database. 

Thanks To Our Sponsors! 

The staff of the Bryant Museum would like to thank Bryant Bank, Golden Flake and Game Day Collection for their support of the Bryant Museum and its programs.

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