Wall of Honor

In line with Coach Bryant’s original concept, the Museum’s first exhibit is the Wall of Honor. A video touchscreen wall highlights Bryant’s teams and players from throughout his 38 year head coaching career.

The Tide Through Time

Beginning with the first team in 1892 through the present day – the exhibits chronicle the history and tradition of the Crimson Tide. The history story is told through the people, places and events that laid the foundation that today’s team stands upon.

Coach Bryant’s Office

Former players speak often about the awe they felt visiting Coach Bryant’s office. A glimpse of that experience is available for the museum’s guests.

The Crystal Hat

A Waterford crystal replica of Coach Bryant’s houndstooth hat was created by internationally acclaimed sculptor Miraslav Havel and presented by the Waterford Crystal Company of Ireland and the Bromberg Company of Birmingham.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers tells the story of Coach Bryant’s journey to integrate football throughout his career. It showcases Wendell Hudson, the first Black athlete at The University of Alabama, then moves to Wilbur Jackson, the first African-American scholarship football player, and John Mitchell, the first Black football player to take the field at The Capstone. The exhibit then highlights other trail blazing players throughout the remainder of Coach Bryant’s lifetime. Featured with the exhibit is The Beginnings trophy, made possible by Brombergs and the Jeremiah Castille Foundation. The trophy honors the first 27 African-American football players at The University of Alabama.

Alabama Softball: The First 25 Years

Alabama Softball – The First 25 Years lists all of the players and coaches who helped to build this program. It features personal items and memorabilia from the players themselves, as well as trophies, and other items on loan from the Alabama Softball team and coaches.

Alabama Basketball

The mission of the Paul W. Bryant Museum is to tell the story of sports history at The University of Alabama. One of our oldest and most storied programs is Men’s Basketball. They’ve won numerous regular season and SEC tournament championships. We wanted to tell the story of the program through some of the most successful coaches and players. Coaches that are featured won regular season SEC Championships. The players featured scored more than 1,000 points during their careers at Alabama.