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Gifts of objects associated with The University of Alabama sport’s history are essential to the development and educational potential of the Paul W. Bryant Museum and are actively sought by the Museum. Past donations have provided our Museum with the outstanding collections that continue to appeal to all generations. There are, however, many great stories from the past and present, which need acknowledgment in our exhibition and research program, but it is equally clear that the Paul W. Bryant Museum cannot engage in indiscriminate acquisition. Physical space limitations require that the Museum be selective in its acquisitions. The financial aspects of fulfilling the Paul W. Bryant Museum’s continuing obligation to preserve and maintain collections also necessitate restrictions in accession capabilities. Therefore, the Paul W. Bryant Museum defines its acquisition policies in terms of priorities for improving the collections.

If you own an object that is part of our Crimson Tide’s history and you would be interested in sharing it with fans everywhere, not only at the present time, but for generations to come, then we would like to hear from you.


To ensure that your item gets the proper gift evaluation please be sure to submit the following information:

  • A photograph of the object
  • A brief description of the piece, including dimensions
  • All available information on the age and origin of the object
  • Potential donor’s name, address and phone number
  • Any other information about the history of the object
  • Members of the Museum’s Accessions Committee, which is charged with accepting only those items of historic significance, which support the Museum’s education and exhibit programs, review all objects submitted for acquisition. Only after this group gives its approval do submitted objects become registered artifacts.

We welcome your proposals and hope you will join with us in preserving the heritage and future of The University of Alabama sports.

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Proposals may be addressed to:

Paul W. Bryant Museum
300 Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, Al 35487

The Paul W. Bryant Museum cannot and will not guarantee that objects donated will be placed on long-term or permanent exhibition or that they will be exhibited or stored intact as a single collection. A legal instrument of conveyance, signed by the seller/donor and an authorized University representative setting forth an adequate description of the objects involved and the precise conditions of transfer, will accompany all gifts and will be kept on file by the Paul W. Bryant Museum. Record of accession will be made and retained for all objects acquired for the collections.

The Paul W. Bryant Museums’ policy on collections recognizes the need to continue to influence and support both the University and lay community through research and educational activities.

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Thank you for your interest in giving to the Paul W. Bryant Museum. The generous support and continued involvement of our friends allow us to do more in actively serving the local, state, national, and international community.